My name is Frank Spear and I am here to help make your content building dreams a reality! The needs of individual websites can vary greatly -- trust me, I know! That is why I set up this one stop shop to help business owners, students, entrepreneurs, and website designers just like you get EXACTLY what you want. I want to help you unlock the full potential of your website, product, or service with concise language, information, and, most of all, PERSONALITY!

Writing Services

From blogging to ghostwriting to web content services: I've got you covered! You can count on me to deliver quality content at flexible rates that suit YOUR budget.

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Have questions about my services? Just want to say "hi?" Send me a message on my Contact page. We'll get to know each other. I promise, I'm professional yet friendly.

My Portfolio

Looking to see if I've got the cred to back up my claims? No problem! I like a discerning customer. Feel free to check out my portfolio. Keep in mind: I can do much more than what's shown!